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If you are satisfied after a treatment and you recommend me to your friend then will reward you in the following way. 

Every time you recommend a friend or family member I will give you £10 off discount for the next massage. 

Remember that promotions & discounts must not be used together.

A series of treatments

With a minimum of 5 massages, Get Body Back offers a 10% discount on the total price.

With a series of 3 ear candling treatments, the price is reduced to £20 for treatment.

Please remember that promotions & discounts must not be used together.

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I often do promotions for treatments on various occasions or give a massage for free. About this action, you can find out from my profile on FB or fan page. 

what I offer

About Treatments

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything."

- Lao Tzu

Help in a relief of pain through therapeutic massage is the key treatment I offer. It can be achieved through a deep tissue massage but sometimes this type is not appropriate.

To provide most the beneficial treatment I apply methods which I know well and in which I am experienced.

You will probably wander if it’s worth a visit.
I do hope that checking the reviews on Facebook will help and perhaps you come across there a problem I treated that was similar to yours.

In short, the work on your body (the treatment) starts with gathering the necessary information about your problem by filling a questionnaire, an extensive chat with me which helps not only with the choice of treatment but also with discovering the causes of pain, which in many patients presents as a long lasting, chronic problem.

Why do I have this approach to my clients?

Because although an appropriate massage can be effective, if we don’t take care of the whole of the body the problems and pains are likely to return.

I help with finding the cause of the problem and not just treat the symptoms, as I aim to provide an effective help not just a massage.

For people who regularly attend treatments

Get Body Back prepared Loyalty Card

Every time when you come and pay the full price for any service, you get a stamp. After 10 stamps you will receive a £20 discount for other treatments.

Remember that promotions & discounts can not be used together.

Kamila Jurdzinska

About me

My professional adventure with physiotherapy dates back to 2003 when I started to study physiotherapy techniques at college. That, combined with the subsequent job at a hospital has given me the drive to learn more about the human body, so the degree study at Poznan University (Poland) as  physiotherapist. Working at the same time as learning the “theory” gave me a useful practical insight which greatly helped with the studies.

One of the subjects that caught my special interest and attention was the conditions that influenced the body’s feel good factor in different age groups. I researched the aspects of life that influence our health which gave me a great insight into holistic way of considering and treating the body as a whole and not just an isolated particular health problem.

I am registered with FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists) in UK and with KFI (Krajowej Izbie Fizjoterapeutów- National Physiotherapists Chamber) in Poland.

What do I do apart from the therapeutic massages on offer?
I am broadening my professional knowledge by studying the naturo-therapy, learning about vitamins, supplements and herbs.

My clients have access to a private Facebook group as well as specialised Youtube channel.

I run an online shop with products that I use myself such as vitamins, supplements, certificated CBD oils, natural rock salt directly from Polish salt mine amongst others.

You will find more information in the “shop” link at the top of this page.